This HYGGE trend is all over these days. But, before getting onto what it actually is, wondering how to actually pronounce it? Is it hi-guh or hi-gee? Well, we did some research for you, it’s actually pronounced as “hoo-ga”. Yes, we know it’s totally different from what it looks like.

What is Hygge?

“Hygge” is actually a Scandinavian term, which term for taking pleasure in small and simple everyday comforts, to create a comfortable, warm and cosy environment in the classroom. For instance, when you get to your place, change into your comfortable pyjamas, having a hot cup of coffee, and lay in comfort of your bed- that time you get into the Hygge mode. We all have a hygge mode and have been using it since always.

Why introduce Hygge in classroom?

Our utmost motive is to inspire students to inspire them to learn. To make students intricate curiosity to want to learn new things. That can be done when a student is comfortable enough and feel warmth and harmony of the environment. When a student is relaxed and feels homely then he’s likely to explore more and want to do things more on his own.


How to bring Hygge into the classroom?

  1. Decorate your classroom: To give it a homely feel, you can try putting up random things like different emoticons templates or little paper lambs made my students etc. Things which are different from ’study’ and gives a feeling of harmony.

  1. Make classroom traditions: It can be like, ‘wonderful Wednesday’, where student have to write one thing they’ll change for good. Eg: I’ll finish my lunch from today, or I won’t fight with other kids etc.

  1. Create a cozy book corner: If someone doesn’t want to study, they can go sit in the corner and read a book.

  1. Fix a movie day in the week: One-hour movie-time can be fixed where they can watch movie of their own choice based on majority.

  1. Have a warm milk time in a day: It can be in morning or later in afternoon, where one cup of warm flavoured milk can be served to boost up the energy.

  1. Student’s friendly songs playlist can be made: It can have all songs that mostly students like and can be played for refreshment or after recess for some time.

  1. Random act of kindness month can be made: They have to do an act of kindness and make their own diary of all they did.

Change is the law of nature, and this onus lies on the shoulders of educators to bring some radical changes in educational set-up!!

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