THE REALITY CHECK – Over 95% of India’s demographic dividend especially school going children are still unaware of their potential, which needs to be unleashed, HOW & WHEN, are the pertinent questions, which we need put, emphasize upon.

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“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Let’s admit, we all are aware of this fact, but now the question arises, are we waiting for that moment when there would be necessity and then only we will intervene with our tested methods or we wait for some more time in order to understand the situation and will testify our methods, then we will think over it. We can’t wait for more in this dynamic world which is rapidly changing day after day. At, Inspiring Minds, we work for the students with our workshops, personalized tutoring, and the encouragement they need to become the trailblazer in their respective field.


“Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.” – Peter F. Drucker


Vibes exhibited by an individual through their personality catches the attention and holds it. The efficiency level of person’s skills being used in daily life determines a lot about them and affects how others perceive and behave with the individual.

To optimize the use of the present life skills aiming to achieve the most out of them and preparing them for uncharted waters, we include these programmes targeting to maximize student’s abilities.Focusing on developing their basic life areas to make them ready for future, we aim for various personality traits and skills through our services.

IMS1 – Communication Strategies

Unlearn, Learn & Relearn

IMS2 – Productivity Hacks

Boost your Brainpower


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs

Creativity can spark from smallest of the idea, and lead to a great innovation. All the successful inventions were once an illusion and were born through random thoughts.

But, the difference between a successful invention and lingering results remain the way it is nurtured and brought into reality.

With a vision to mold students’ untapped spark of creativity into the concrete structured plan, we bring modules aiming to provide a backbone to their rambled thoughts.

Targeting to render “OUT OF THE BOX” career options as well as giving them the knowledge to create their own unique personality which matches the stated profession, we guide students in our peculiar ways.

IMS3 – Entrepreneurship A to Z

Every mind is beautiful

IMS4 – Every Idea matters

Unearth the creativity within


“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.” – Bob Dylan

It’s a beautiful thing when a passion becomes a job, but definitely not something that happens very often. To have a life where one is turning his/her dreams into reality, by doing simply what they aspire is no less than a fantasy.

To relish this aspiration, we bring programs that’ll aid students to adhere their vision into reality by having an explicit knowledge of procedure to make a correct career choice.

As, in the programmes offered we guide students on ways to unearth their hidden potential, work on it and make it an actuality in a practical and financially stable manner.

Programmes also target to impart knowledge of setting a goal and moving towards it in a
constructive manner, so that in the world full of competition students can pave a suitable path for themselves and ensure a secure future.

IMS5 – Career Guidance program

Dream, Discover, and Design

IMS6 – Goal setting & Motivation

Stay firm, stay Inspired


“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” – Plato

Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. The way a person behaves and respond to a particular situation depicts the whole outlook of an individual and hence their personality.

These behaviouristic traits and patterns can make or break a person and the available opportunities despite high inspirational level and passion. It’s the attitude that leads them to a goal even after they’re not that determined about what is to be done.

To upskill & manage these behaviouristic traits, and mold them into a polished personality to face the professional as well as personal life’s situations, we bring these programmes that’ll give them a boost while coming in realization with self.

Aiming to hit the frequently faced behavioral issues amongst students and preparing them to have a sorted mindset, we train them on various much-needed areas.

IMS7 – Bullying and conflict management

Actions make a difference

IMS8 – Aggression Management & Emotional Intelligence

Time to know

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Communication Strategies
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