Choosing career is the most confusing and crucial decision of one’s life! Everyone goes through a dilemma while making career decisions, and it’s something very common. After all, your whole life will depend upon this BIG decision.

There are numerous career options available these days, whole range of different courses to pursue, and various colleges! But, which one of all suits me? What am I good at? These are the most common questions students are stuck at.

Nobody likes to make a wrong career choice and regret it later. That’s why it’s important to know what we like the most, where are passion lies and our capabilities.

How can I know that?

Firstly, your interest plays a very important role in this decision. Many students make wrong career choices as they see others doing well in that career, or their siblings/friends are pursuing it or maybe because their parents think it’s a good option.
You won’t be able to give your best until you really like what you do. Taking up a job in an uninterested field leads to frustration and poor performance. It’s all a connected chain: –

Interest  Hard work   Success + Job satisfaction High income


Uninterested job  Hard work  Average/poor performance + Frustration  Average/low income

Its simple formula for success, do what you love, become worthy, success will come to you itself.
Though, remember interest is important but so is your calibre. Your calibre plays a crucial role in going for the right career. It’s the match of two that makes the perfect profession for you.

It’s surely not an easy thing to figure this out. Mapping your own talent can be quite tricky.

How to do it?

It starts from ‘knowing yourself’, knowing about your skills and your personality.This again can be quite confusing for students, that’s why career counselling and guidance plays an important role.

To know how to decipher your personality and map your talent, stay tuned for the next blog coming very soon.

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