Why Inspiring Minds?


Exceptional individuals wanted

Inspiring Minds is one of the leading Human Resources, Organizational Development and Training organization in Delhi and holds an unrivaled reputation in our core areas of expertise. We deliver high-value, innovative work across a wide range of services.


Top–tier clients

85% of our turnover is derived from reputed institutions from education Industry. We work on the national level because of which our work has reached to the remotest areas in India.


Dynamic environment

You will be joining a young but experienced organization with a track record of strong growth and ambitions to develop the business further. We are consistently seeking to deepen our expertise in our key sectors, and have successfully expanded into adjacent sectors in which we can leverage our key strengths.


Direct impact and early responsibility

We recruit only the smartest people who thrive when entrusted with a high level of responsibility. There are continuous opportunities for significant client contact and to work directly with the senior team of Inspiring Minds. You will make a clear impact and start building your career from day one.


Play a role in Inspiring Minds own development

At Inspiring Minds, we involve all our employees in the continuing development of the business. You might work alongside on a new proposal, manage our research budget or become involved in graduate recruitment – offering important hands-on experience and responsibilities beyond casework.


A share in success

Inspiring Minds employees receive a yearly bonus, based directly on the company’s profits over the previous year. This is the same fixed percentage of salary for all consultants, which aligns employees’ incentives with the overall business, and takes out internal competitiveness – promotion based on individual performance, rather then a bonus based on relative performance is the key to enhanced remuneration.


Outstanding training programme

Inspiring Minds offers one of the most comprehensive personal development and training packages in the industry. We actively promote from within and our training ensures that our Associates have the skills to become our future Managers.

New joiners are supported by an intensive week-long induction training programme. Continuous improvement is developed through Quarterly Training Days, as well as significant levels of feedback during and after a project from respective Managers. Associate Consultants will undertake external training courses, whilst Senior Consultants and Managers will have access to personal training budgets totailor courses to their specific needs.


Meritocracy with support

We give structured feedback at the end of each engagement and run consensus reviews, with associated promotions, enabling the best performers to move rapidly up the firm. Promotion is entirely on merit and not dependent on firm performance, meaning the speed of your progression is entirely up to you.

This ability to progress as quickly as your performance deserves, combined with
Inspiring Minds bonus structure and culture, mean that there are no rivalries or politics within the firm. Everyone is incentivized and wants you to do well. We are very proud of the supportive environment this creates.the supportive environment this creates.

Current Opportunities

We are interested in hearing from candidates with industry experience who can add depth or particular skills to our team and will consider applications on an on-going basis.



Business Development

Experienced/Fresher passionate individuals preferably from Education industry. A chance to meeting/speaking directly with academic coordinators, headmistress or principals of educational institutions, specifically public schools.

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We are looking out for a Psychologist who is ready to work as a freelancer. He/She should be
someone who can converse well in written and spoken English & local language of his/her region.

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Interns would be responsible for creating original and plagiarism free content for Inspiring Minds.

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How to Apply

We are interested in hearing from candidates but It would be great and helpful for us if they follow the following guidelines while applying for the dreamed position.


Covering letter

Your CV and cover letter introduces you to us. It is crucial that they accurately and succinctly convey who you are and what you will bring to Inspiring Minds.

Your covering letter is the first impression you will make and formatting the letter properly is essential. Use the opportunity to make yourself stand out. You should address the following questions and highlight areas of your experience that support
your answers:
1. Why you want to work in strategy consulting
2. Why you are applying to Inspiring Minds in particular
3. Why you would be an asset to the Inspiring Minds team

Few Basic Checklist – Your CV must passed through
  • Please include all basic information, such as a daytime contact number, e-mail, and your address.
  • Qualifications: Your degree result/or equivalent (expected or achieved) is crucial, as are your A-Level grades or equivalent and any other professional qualifications.
  • Work experience & employment: It is not enough to list each previous job. You should briefly explain your roles and responsibilities and draw out the experiences you think are relevant to us. Extra-curricular activities: Someone who has taken on responsibilities away from their studies or formal job role shows drive, determination, and interest.When have you led a team, run a project or made a difference?
  • Other skills: Make your skills stand out – languages, IT ability, etc.
  • Be interesting: Inspiring Minds is genuinely interested in your hobbies, interests, and travel. We want to work with interesting people. What you could leave out:
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