If you’re someone who has an inclination towards computers and technology along with good analytical and problem-solving skills, with good observation, you have an option to take it to a professional level.

You can be an ‘ETHICAL HACKER.

Surely you would need to study about the field and get trained in it to be one, but presence of above mentioned qualities can be a big asset for this profession. As these are some of important qualities of an ethical hacker.



Brief description of the profession: –

With use of both analytical and logical skills, the job of an ethical hacker includes using various computer skills to protect computer systems from illegal hacker.

Basically, they are responsible for computer safety and work includes finding out loopholes in system, and saving system from being corrupt through illegal sources by conducting various tests.


Skills required for the field:

  • Tech savvy: As one needs to deal with technology and devices all the time in this profession.
  • Proficiency in: programming in C, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby; web applications such as Microsoft .NET and PHP; operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux; Assembly language; TCP/IP protocols such as SMTP, ICMP and HTTP
  • Problem solving skills: One needs to detect and find the problem through and find solution for it.
  • Analytical and logical thinking: One needs to conduct various tests in order to maintain the cyber-security.
  • Observation power: One needs to detect all loop-holes or any kind of security issue.
  • Adaptability and patience: Job requires long hours of finding problem and providing solution for it.
  • Creativity and resourcefulness: One needs to come up with new ideas at times to crate safe platform.


Job scope:

Ethical hacking is a very growing field in India and is generating lot of job scope. Almost, every big company now needs ethical hackers, as everyone has an online platform theses day which needs to be guarded. Be it banks, MNCs, business firm or anything else, everyone requires an ethical hacker to maintain cyber security.


How well does the job pay?

It is a very well-paying field. As a fresher one can bag up to 3.5 to 4 lakhs per annum easily, and as an experienced professional one can easily earn up to 9 to 20 lakhs per annum easily. Overall pay is very good in this field.


Job environment (Pros and Cons):

Typically job of an ethical hacker includes using various software knowledge and technical skills to check the vulnerability of computer systems. To check the working and find out various loopholes and fix them. Also, they have to conduct various penetration testing and intrusion testing for the computer network under their charge.


Ethical hacking services includes:

  • Local network testing: It includes testing of services, system devices, virtual private networks etc.
  • Application Testing: It includes finding out flaws in the system.
  • Wireless security: Includes measuring the level of security available in the framework.
  • Remote or war dialling: Includes testing open-ended modem connections that connects to a network remotely.
  • Stolen laptop: Includes examining for passwords and personal information stored in a dial-up software
  • Social engineering: Involves people, personalities and employees hacking.
  • System hardening: Includes strengthening the host and mending weaknesses.


How do I get there?

  1. Clear Class XII in any stream with IT/Computer Science/ Similar (science preferred).
  2. Pursue BSc in Computer Science/ BCA / Graduation in Any IT Related Discipline for 3-4 years.
  3. Pursue Certification Courses in Ethical Hacking (CEH, CCNA, SCNS, CPTE, CISSP)


  1. Clear Class XII in Science Stream with IT/Computer Science/ Similar (Science preffered).
  2. Pursue Certification Courses in Ethical Hacking (CEH, CCNA, SCNS, CPTE, CISSP).



CEH Exam (EC Council) Programming Knowledge of Hacking (No Prescribed Syllabus) All round the year



  • EC Council, multiple locations.
  • Indian School of Ethical Hacking (ISOEH), Kolkata
  • Institute of Information Security, multiple locations.
  • Institute of Ethical Hacking and Forensics, Odisha
  • Quest Institute of Knowledge (QUIK), Mumbai
  • Arizona Infotech, Pune



  • Very high earning potential.
  • Unconventional job


  • Very analytics, requires high concentration and patience.
  • May have to work part-time.


So, if you interest, calibre and personality match to requirements of this profession, you can learn more skills and plan ahead to go in this.
Apart from this, if you have any other career related query or some other interest area that you want us to take up, you can comment down below and let us know that. Also, you can contact us directly for psychometric tests and personalized counselling.


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