If you’re someone who enjoys organizing events like school functions, Diwali parties or some kind of celebration in your society or colony, you can make it as a profession at a higher level.

Yes, you can be an ‘EVENT MANAGER’.

Well, of course it won’t be as easy as your school functions and parties, and you need to be very active and develop strong communication skills to be in this field. But, you can consider this as an option.


Brief description of the profession: –

Event management broadly includes organizing an event professionally for a particular purpose and target audience. These events include press conference, product launch, theme parties, exhibitions, wedding, movie screenings and much more.

The job includes Public Relations, Marketing, sales, creativity, travel and lot of exposure to glamour and media industry.

Skills required for the field:

  • Public relations: You need to have strong communication skills. You should know how to develop good relations with clients in order to manage agreement with them.
  • Organisational skills: Needed for planning and keeping up with the requirements of the event and client.
  • Management skills: Crucial to maintain the budget and record of the income and finance.
  • Creativity: This is very important, as it is something that sets you apart from others and acts as your USB.
  • Marketing skills: Very essential to sell your ideas and make your place in the field.
  • Networking skills: It’s important to have a good personal network in this field
  • Analytical ability: Necessary to keep up with the market and financial stability.

Job scope:

It’s a rapidly growing field and has a lot of potential as it is very vast. Scale varies from large to small depending upon events and level, nevertheless field has growing demand. It can be as small as a theme birthday parties to IIfA award functions. Overall there’s lot of demand and scope, as it provides lot of job opportunities.

How well does the job pay?

There’s not a fix number, pay varies depending upon your position, roles and responsibilities. It also depends upon the level of event you are managing and company you are working with. Other than that, usually a fresher can easily bag around 15K per month, then it gradually increases with experience and your exposure. A head or experienced professional can even earn in Lakhs depending upon scale of event as it can be on state, national or even international level.

Job environment (Pros and Cons):

You can work in a company full time or can even freelance in this field. Both ways job requires flexible and long hours working. There is a lot of running around and includes talking to many people in order to manage all requirement of the event. On the bright side you get to travel a lot, provides working in glamour industry, meeting celebrities, getting Freebees etc.

How do I get there?

Professionally there is no as such degree requirement or qualification needed for this field of event management. If you have the required skills including communication and marketing, you can easily bag a job.

To develop better skills, you can go for some course in business, marketing or even mass communication that’ll be helpful for you in this field.

Other than that, there are some institutes that provide courses in event management:

  • National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD) (Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur)


  • DEM (Diploma in Event Management)
    Duration: 1 year – part time


  • MBA in Event Management & PR
    Duration: 2 years – full time

·         EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Mumbai

–          PGDEM (Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management)
Duration: 1-year part – time

·         Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development

–          MBA / PGDM in Event Management & Public Relations
Duration: 1 year Professional

–          Certificate in Event Management:
Duration: 1 year

·         National Institute of Event Management (NIEM)

(Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolhapur, Pune, Odisha and Jodhpur.)

–          DEM (Diploma in Event Management)
Duration: 11 months part – time


  • Delhi School of Communication, New Delhi, Delhi NCR


  • Certificate in Public Relation and Event Management
  • Certificate in Advertising and Media

·         Amity Institute of Event Management, Noida

So, if you interest, calibre and personality match to requirements of this profession, you can learn more skills and plan ahead to go in this. If you’re already a graduate, you can probably go for an internship and get some hands-on experience of the field, which will help you a lot.

Apart from this, if you have any other career related query or some other interest area that you want us to take up, you can comment down below and let us know that. Also, you can contact us directly for psychometric tests and personalized counselling.


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