Kids games learning science app

Kids love fun and technology is fantastic. If we can combine both, the
result would be amazing and fantastic. So the team of IITians and NIITians
to enjoy fun science games for kids while learning more about Science. This app helps kids to explore and discover the
world through colorful games and puzzles. Animations and graphics add to
the rich experience. It is listed in educational category
in windows store.


: Pre-school and KG


Here is the video of our review:


This interesting game has following positive effects:


a) We all know that kindergarten students have photographic memory. These games help in learning through pictures that is associated well with the natural world around them.

b) Moreover, following skills of the kids are enhanced as well: (1) hand to eye coordination (2) visual perception (3) concentration (4) classification and organization (5) vocabulary

c) The Greysprings software team has developed kid friendly interface which is easy to use and activities that keep them engrossed for hours.

d) There is frequent repetition of the activities which helps them to encourage in a manner that even if the child does a mistake, he/she will not repeat that again.

e) Well the best part of the game is that is does not require internet connection all the time once you have downloaded the game.

f) Moreover, it is available on all the platforms such as android, windows and IOS. Also, PC/ laptop/ phone version is also available.

This app has following games:

1) Health is Wealth

2) Growth cycle

3) Mum and Baby

4) Home Sweet Home

5) Float or Sink

6) States of Matter

7) Know your Senses


The app has following features:


This app is easy to use and has kid friendly interface.

· It is the latest educational app with for kids covering basic concepts of
natural world.

· With different levels unlocking while playing the game, adorable animal
stickers are earned which motivates kids to play more and unlock more.

· Kids will understand the structure and behaviour of natural world through
simple and colourful activities designed in such a way that it keeps them
engrossed for hours.

· Moreover, it has easy and intuitive instructions for the kids to

· Not only this, the game also has amazing audio effects with attractive






In this game, the children will learn what healthy eating habits are. They
need to fill children’s tray with healthier foods of fruits and vegetables
as shown in the above picture.



In this game, children have to arrange different pictures of stages of
animal’s growth cycle. As shown above they will be directed even if they do
something wrong.




In this game, the kids have to match mother and their babies correctly.
Like in the above screenshot, the mother sheep is to be matched with the



In this game, the kid has to help the animal reach its correct home. In the
above example, the kid has to help the cow to reach the barn.



As directed in the image the kid has to identify which object sinks or
floats. Even if the kid fails in first attempt, the game encourages to take
another chance and answer it correctly.




In this game, the kid has to identify which object belongs to which state of matter. He/ she has to drop the object in the truck which represents the
state of matter. For example, the box of milk has to be dropped in the liquid truck.




In this game, the kid has to identify which sense organ is to be used for
the respective object. The above screenshots gives a detailed view of the games in the app. The
activities and the music keep them engrossed in the games. Even if the
child gets bored with one game he can play and enjoy other games.


There is an option of quiz time as well. It has combination of various
games and helps to unlock next level easily. With three games playing
correctly, the kid can unlock a new animal sticker and more number of
stars. The quiz time also lets them to unlock new levels.




Well, a coin has two sides. As we talked of positives, the game has
following negative aspects as well:

a) The game is available on higher windows platforms like Windows 10,
Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone 8.1.

b) The game has advertisements side by side going on while playing the game
which creates distractions to the kids.

c) The game only allows 21 levels afterwards which you have to purchase it
for approximately Rs. 130.

d) There is bug in the game which leads to crashing of app a lot.


Not only this, the Greysprings team provides different games to toddlers’,
preschoolers, kindergartens and for Mathematics and English as well. For
more information, refer their website:

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