IM is spearheaded by a team of passionate Young Turks and Veterans who are experts in fields of Academics, Training, Quality, Consultation and Human Resources.

A Charismatic personality with the zeal to change the attitude of people look at life. Always aim to provide great things to others and expect people to do the same for others.

Business Head - Training Delivery

A Dreamer, Cheerful, Eccentric yet follows simplicity with clear concise towards life. A true believer in the fact that you only live ONCE but if you do it right, once is ENOUGH.

Resource Head - HR & Technology

He carries Calmness, Cleverness and confidence as his armor. His positive attitude towards life helps him to conquer the fear. Firmly believes in "personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures."

Project Head - Talent Development

Fine strategist and a conscientious individual who focuses on setting plans before work. She is a bold lady who walks by strong faith. With aims to bring more positivity in people life, she is the one to whom you can look upto.

Dr. Aradhana
Senior Psychologist – Adult & Child Counseling

An exuberant, amiable and diligent girl who has a vibrant approach towards life. She believes in teamwork where every teammate should strive towards excellence.

Ms. Nitika
Senior Psychologist – Adult & Child Counseling

A compassionate individual who looks at various aspects of individual's life, before coming to any conclusion. Her strong willpower is the key to her success. She believes that there are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Ms. Puja
Senior Psychologist – Adult & Child Counseling

Her intuitive and inventive mindset gives the edge over others and that’s helping her for making difference, day in, day out. Truly dedicated to her work. She is always ready to face new challenges.

Ms. Nikhita
Senior Psychologist - Child counseling

Her intellect, sociable and sensitive outlook, that what makes her different from every team member. She focuses on work not on the results, as the journey is more beautiful than the destination.

Ms. Shweta
Psychologist – Adult & Child Counseling

Her affection for children is immeasurable and she wishes to empower them with the world most powerful thing i.e. self-belief, Indeed she a true champion. She loves the idea of spreading peace and harmony by her initiatives.

Ms. Aanchhal
Psychologist – Child Counseling

Charming, lighthearted, empathetic are some of the attributes of an amazing personality. Her determined approach towards the necessary change is quite impressive. She always aims at inspiring people to never "Give Up".

Ms. Swati
Psychologist – Child Counseling

A dependable team player who believes that through smart work one can achieve any height of success. He aims at delivering more than he promised.

Adarsh Singh
Project Coordinator
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