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Dr. K N Modi School

``Confidence is a crucial building block in a successful career, and embracing it fully will take you places you never thought possible. With proper guidance and hard work, anyone can become more confident. Once you pass a certain point, you'll feel it from the inside.`` -Travis Bradberry
About Project

Since our childhood every second person whom we met across suggested ” Follow your passion, do what you love and your will definitely achieve what the success”. Thought the parameters would be different from person to person but yes we can’t deny this fact choosing any career or selecting respective STREAM (humanities, commerce and science) is the most arduous task and often, most of the students commit mistake by selecting different stream under the influence of peer pressure, suggestions by wards or by their own mindset. Our team, Inspiring Minds , has tried to pass the necessary information in order to help them so when the time will come they will take the pragmatic decision based on certain parameters which one should not avoid.

We indeed had a great and inspiring session by IM
- Padmanaban S. / Principal
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