By education, I mean all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.

– Mahatma Gandhi


Many times, parents hold back their children from spending too much time on extra-curricular activity or sport that they like, so as to focus more on studies. Also, many times students even restrict and force themselves for the same, as they want to score good marks to get in good colleges.

Well, of course it is important to score well in studies but doing well in extra-curricular you’re interested in, can also help you a lot to get in a good college. Yes, it’s not a waste of time, your hobby that interests you can increase your board exam percentage up to 15% to 20% to make it through Delhi University’s cut off lists. No need mentioning how big a difference this amount of increase in percentage can make.


What is ECA?

Delhi University is very supportive and diverse in the field of extra-curricular activities (ECA). There is a range of different sports and ECAs on the basis of which D.U offers marks to students for admission.

There are in total 25 activities under this category through which students can apply. Of course, it depends and varies from college to college under Delhi university, which all activities or sports they include.


ECA include:

  • Dance (Indian, western, folk)
  • Choreography
  • Theatre and street plays
  • Instrumental music
  • Vocal music (Indian, western, folk)
  • Debates (English, Hindi)
  • Creative writing (English, Hindi)
  • Quiz
  • NSS and NCC
  • Digital media (Animation, photography, filmmaking)
  • Fine arts (Sketching, painting, sculpting)


How is ECA beneficial?

A student gets awarded some percentage of marks for the activity they have been involved in and are good at. This percentage of marks can vary from 1% to even 20% depending upon the level you have done that extra-curricular activity and your skill in that area. Like, if someone scored 70% in their board exams and got say, 5% in theatre, so their total percentage would be now 75%. Now, student can apply for admission with this new percentage.


How to apply for ECA?

  1. Fill up regular Delhi University admission form.
  2. Fill up the sports category form (if needed).
  3. Fill up the ECA form.


One can fill up the form both offline or online, with all the relevant documents. As different colleges have different activities available, they need to fill out ECA form of a particular college, and then can apply for audition.


What about the process?

ECA category has a 70:30 ratio, as 70% of the marks depends upon the audition process, while other 30% are for the certificates that one hold in that area.

So, you can even apply for activities for which you don’t even have certificates. Every college have different requirements, according to which some may even as for CDs of the activities you’ve performed in such as Singing, dancing etc.

Also, every college have a set number or percentage of students that they enroll under sports and ECA category.


So, it’s not just studying hard that leads to admission in a good college. Being involved in activities that you like can also take you a long way too, along with helping you develop your overall personality. All the time “wasted” in playing, dancing, acting, blogging etc doesn’t seem like a waste now, right?







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