If you’re someone who is passionate about anything, be it fashion, fitness, dance, cooking, music, entertaining people, or anything else and want to showcase your talent to the world, here is a platform for you to do that and take it to a professional level.

You can be a ‘YouTuber’.

Surely you would need to put in a lot of efforts, learn about social media marketing and many other skills needed for being successful in this profession, but your passion can take you a long way through YouTube.

Brief description of the profession: –

As a YouTuber one has to make videos for their YouTube channel with new and fruitful content for the viewers. A YouTuber’s channel can be on any topic like beauty, cooking, fitness, music, technical topic, just entertainment or anything else.

Your content and videos need to be genuine, entertaining and marketed well in order to do well in this profession.


Skills required for the field:

  • Creativity: Content of your videos need to be very creative and original as they are the USB of your channel and decides your success in the long run.
  • Tech-friendly: One needs to have technical knowledge in order to make, edit and upload videos and use all the softwares and equipments needed for them.
  • Marketing skills: It’s very important to know how to market and promote your videos and channel, as that’s how you’ll be able to gain views and hence do well.
  • Camera-friendly: One needs to be able to speak well in front of camera, as this profession involves facing a camera (mostly).
  • Speaking and communication: As this work involves talking to a lot of people through this platform, so your way of speaking needs to be engaging.
  • Genuineness and originality: Your videos should be genuine enough to help and entertain other people and not just copied from other videos in order to make money, that won’t work.
  • Consistency: One needs to be consistent and regular with the number of uploads they do per week.


Job scope:

It can be said that job scope in this profession is endless. As, it’s very easy to start a YouTube channel and requires no investment initially. You can use a normal phone camera and to begin with and then move on to a professional one as your channel start growing.

So, as a YouTuber you can one independently, or as a freelance with other YouTube channel, or even with a big company who has a YouTube channel.

For E.g.: If you’re someone who knows about fashion, you can work with a big fashion company who makes such videos.


How well does the job pay?

This profession is very unstable financially. One can even earn in Lakhs per month through YouTube if their channel is doing well, or as low as few thousand per month or not at all if their videos are not getting much views.

So, basically as a YouTuber earns through ‘Advertisements’ that come up before the video is played. Number of likes and subscribers only help get the views, but the only thing through which one earns money is the ‘number of views’ they get on their videos.



 Firstly, you need to on the ‘monetisation’ button on your YouTube channel. By the latest rule, you can only start monetisation on your videos once one of the videos on your channel gains at least 10,000 views.


Other than this, there are 3 terms involved in this process:

  1. CPM: It stand for ‘Cost Per Mille’ (Mille is a latin word which means ‘thousand’, so basically it means ‘cost per thousand’). CPM is the amount an advertiser pays to have its ads served against videos 1,000 times. Each time an ad on a video runs completely, it’s called an ‘impression’.
  2. RPM: It stand for Revenue Per Thousand. The average amount you earn for every 1,000 monetized views your videos generate. Confusingly, YouTube typically refers to RPM as eCPM
  3. eCPM: It stand for effective CPM, also known as RPM as stated above.

*Monetized view: When the ad is played completely before the video starts.

*Un-monetized view: When the viewer skips the ad, or has an ad-blocker.



The eCPM one sees in their YouTube earnings report is determined by the advertisers who run ads against your videos. eCPM can vary for different reasons:

  • Seasonality:If advertisers’ demand for ads is strong, your eCPM will be higher. For example, ads during a sale season by Amazon or Flipkart can make you earn a lot than usual small ads. Your revenue would be higher during Diwali or festive season than during off-season.


  • Ad type: It depend on the advertiser and level of ad. Some advertisers may choose to pay per thousand views, while other advertisers choose to pay only when a viewer takes a specific actionon their ad (like clicking on it). Also, some brands may pay more than others.


  • Country: It also depend on the country or location in the world from where you are receiving YouTube views. There is a lot of difference in money earned from views from a big developed nation and views from a small developing country. Economy of that place matters too. There is approximately 4 to 6 times difference in monetisation if one gets views from USA and when one gets views from India or Nepal.


So, there is no fix pay, pay depends on a lot of factors even if you are gaining views. There is no as such fix income, only a rough estimate. But, according to many successful YouTubers, on an average they gain eCPM approximately on 50%-60% of the total views they get on their videos. So, depending on the factors according to which money given by ads vary, it lies mostly in the range of 1$ to 5$ per 1000 views. So, on an average it remains cost of 2$ per 1,000 views.

So, say if someone got 1,00,000 views in total on one video, out of which only 50,000 were monetized views, so as a rough estimate they will earn up to 50,000 x (2$/1,000 views) = 100$ = Rs. 6,500 from one video.

So, depending upon the number of videos you are uploading per month and how well they are doing, decides your income.

Other than that, it depends if you’re sponsored by some brand or collaborating with someone.


Job environment

It depends on what kind of YouTuber you are and how well your channel is doing. If you are an independent Youtuber at a beginner level, you would be working alone mostly, taking care of everything ranging from shooting videos, editing and promoting. While, as you’ll grow and earn, you’ll be hiring people to do certain jobs and roles,

Though, if you’re working for a company or as a freelance your work will involve going to their sets and locations, and managing with people in the team.


How do I get there?

No educational qualification is needed for being a YouTuber. If you have the skills and can make good videos, you can do well in this.

It’s very easy to create a YouTube channel, you just need to have a g-mail account, log in to YouTube through that and create your own channel with zero investment.


Pros and Cons


  • Fame and publicity.
  • Potential high earning.
  • Exciting job, gives possibility to create your own opportunities.


  • Irregular and long working.
  • Uncertainty and instability in income.
  • Fame requires a thick skin.


So, if you have a passion and want to showcase it to the world, this is the platform for you.
Apart from this, if you have any other career related query or some other interest area that you want us to take up, you can comment down below and let us know that. Also, you can contact us directly for psychometric tests and personalized counselling.






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